Filipino Martial Arts (FMA)

The Philippines is a group of islands in the Malay Archipelago, streched over a distance of 1600 km. They consist of over 7000 islands, of which only around 3000 are named.

In 200 B.C., Malay tribes brought the techniques of Tjakalele, the Indonesian form of stick fighting, which is one of the primordial forms of today's Kali.

Due to the conquest of the Philippines by the Chinese (in 1200 A.D.), the chinese culture also had an important influence on the Filipino martial arts.

Over the centuries, the fencing art of the spanish conquerors was integrated by the Filipinos as well. In the 16th century, the Filipino weapons martial art became so popular that it became the sport of Kings and the upper-class.

The countless martial arts in the Philippines can be divided roughly into 3 styles:
  • Escrima
    Originates from the spanish word "esgrima" and means "fencing / art of fencing"
  • Kali the „Movement of the hand“:
    Ka – Short form of „carnot“ – „Hand on“
    Li – Short form of „lehok“ – „Movement“
  • Arnis
    Originates from the spanish word „arnés“ meaning „Military armor“

With a weapon, it is easier for every person to defend themselves against attacks.

The first step in Escrima is to learn the clean handling of a stick with a length of approx. 60cm. With sufficient experience the next step is to learn using objects like pencils, keys, newspapers, etc. as weapons.

The stick techniques are very similar to fight techniques without weapons, and gives the ability to defend against stick attacks even without a weapon.
Escrima in the police
Due to its effectivity and applicability, Wing Tsun and Escrima is already successful in use by many police and special force units all over the world.
Advantages of Escrima

  • Using a stick increases the acting force upon an enemy.
  • The movement speed is significantly increased and there is of course a wider operating range.
  • Escrima keeps people physically and mentally fit.
  • Development of an excellent sense of distance, rhythm and balance.
  • The natural reflexes will be highly improved.

Also for older people, who use a walking stick or similar aids, Escrima is ideal for using these aids against assaults.